Aragon Glaciological Bulletin

The Aragon Glaciological Bulletin, funded through the research project, is an annual scientific journal, edited and distributed by the Department of Geography and Territorial Planning of the University of Zaragoza through its Secretariat (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters; University of Zaragoza, University Campus, 50009-Zaragoza). It gathers original research works in any of the topics related to cold media (glacialism, periglacialism) mainly in the Pyrenees, although other sectors also have a place. It constitutes an agile medium for the diffusion of recent works carried out in these lines, as well as a discussion forum that facilitates the integration of experiences, knowledge about research projects and work methodologies developed by the specialists of these disciplines. The submitted works are submitted to external and anonymous evaluation prior to their publication. Intellectual property gives the authors full disposition and exploitation

Dissemination: The works published in the Aragon Glaciological Bulletin are collected indexed in the national databases ISOC and ICYT, and international Latindex, GeoRef and ISSN International.

Drafting and Administration: Secretariat of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters; Zaragoza’s University; University campus; 50009-Zaragoza.

Correspondence and sending of manuscripts: Javier Chueca Cía (Main Editor); Department of Geography and Territorial Planning; Faculty of Humanities and Education; Zaragoza’s University; Plaza de la Universidad, 3; 22002-Huesca.